Sunday, April 7, 2013

             Montgomery Pinetum Park

Even though I now live in Farmington, I spent my whole life living in the Stamford / Greenwich area. I have driven past this park numerous times, always wondering what it was, but never taking the time to go and check it out. Pinetum can be reached off of Stanwich Rd. in Greenwich or 69 Bible St. Many years ago (1922) it was the estate of Colonel Robert Montgomery, they collected hundreds of different types of conifers for their estate 80 which are still there today. The town of Greenwich has maintained it since 1953 as a historic site with picnic areas and trails with beautiful ponds and swamps. 


when Tater and I first came into the park we saw this little structure that looked right out of "The Hobbit". I had to make my poor dog pose in the window (of course), After looking in and around the structure which was probably used for a gate keeper back in the day we followed another hiker up the trail till we came to a lake.


It was a really nice day out and there where so many people that must of had the same idea to bring there dog out for a hike.  We met a very happy and exited Brittany Spaniel that was absolutely loving swimming in this lake. I was surprised seeing as it still was only March and not that warm!! 

 There was a huge rock formation near the lake and I was going to climb up to the top to get a better shot of the lake, but someone beat me too it!! He is surprisingly good at rock climbing. 

We sat on the bench for a little bit talking to some other dog owners and looking at the lake, I was thinking what a great place this will be to take him back to when it gets warmer to swim. The little waterfall was very pretty as well, but we still had alot to still see.

As we headed down a little path we came to what looks like the old garden or yard for the old estate,the stones backed right up to the lake. We walked down to where the lake is and followed a trail into the woods from there. We went by a swamp and into the woods there were a few trails and you can get caught up exploring them for a long time. Tater and I climbed up to the highest point in the woods on top of a small mountain and right on the top we saw the strangest thing.....

We saw a old stone fireplace... the view was beautiful especially since there were no leaves on the trees yet and you could see for miles. The dog was slightly apprehensive of posing in the fireplace as you can see by the "happy" look on his face.

If Tater though he was scared in the fireplace, you should of seen my face when i came around the corner and saw the tree grinning at me...I had to take a picture because I knew trying to explain that would never do it justice!!!

Things got even more interesting (like it wasn't already) I was walking and looked up to see a walk- way high up in the tree's I picked up the dog and went to try my luck at crossing it and hoped that it was made recently and not back in 1922!!! It was really cool to be walking that high up in the woods! It eventually led to the old estate that is now in disrepair but still standing.  I was happy to see the first sign of Spring as well!!

This is the back of the house

Even though I don;t appreciate the graffiti, I can appreciate the words. 

Tater loves to go and find people, he likes them more then dogs, I on the other hand feel the opposite!!! But I have to say we did meet alot of nice people today!

From the front yard of the house it looks out to where the stone yard was from earlier. It is such a great view I can only imagine how pretty it must of been when everything was manicured and in bloom. It really is a great location. 

He is probably dreaming that this is his back yard!!! good-bye till next time!

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