Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Exploring Barkhamsted

So this was more of a exploring trip then a hiking one, I had heard some really good things about this area. The best being of course that they have a campground that you are allowed to bring your dog to. I only know of 2 in Ct so I would be open to any suggestions on places that allow dogs to camp (tent), in this area. So our first stop was to the Camp it was not "officially" open till April 20th or so but I went  for a walk through to pick out a good site for in the future. I am hoping to convince my brother to come up to this place to camp with me because there is so much to do.

I love the fact that you have room in-between sites so that you are not on top of other campers. This was my favorite site The Pines were huge and behind the site was the river.


Such a nice view!! It was so beautiful out and the fishing season had started because all the fly fishers were out. I wished that I had my pole so that I could sit down by the river with the dog and relax.

Seeing the little rapids reminded me that the tubing is only down the street a bit at Satan's Kingdom which would be a nice thing to do in the summer. After we explored the whole camp we walked back to the car and went to go look for another place.

We came to a park and if you walked down to the river through some very very prickly thorns we found  a little "oasis". There was a big old crooked tree with a nice sandy beach. Who would of thought that I went to go hiking and ended up sitting down on a beach!

As usual... the poor dog ended up in a tree posing. For once I think he actually liked it because he sat up there for a good 10 minuets looking out into the water before jumping down to bask in the sun.

 I sat down in the sand with him, the water was crystal clear and the sand was so white!! I felt like I went to my own little island for a while.

Unfortunately it was time to go home to get some actual work done and give Tater a bath!! He almost looks like he is screaming Nooooo!!! Going to come back up and do a real hike in one of there many State forests soon!!

After his bath playing with his friend Matty our Russian Tortoise

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