Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roaring Brook Nature Center
70 Gracey road, Canton, CT (for there trail guide map)

 So as we began to set out on the trail I noticed how slippery some parts of the trail were still from ice. So Tater and I very slowly made our way to a stream and followed the stream until we heard a large amount of running water. Much to my surprise there was a large man made waterfall.  I don't know why I forgot to take a picture of it but there was a walkway across the length of the river with fencing so no one will fall to the icy water below!!  I did manage to get a picture form on the bridge which I will show you later.

Had to show my handsome little man as he rested his paws on the soft moss and warmed himself in the sun! He is rockin his little shirt!!!

Here we wanted to go look at a different spot up the trail a bit and as you can see on the (right) I had to put his leash on him and make him leave the warm spot!!! He is such a Mexican dog always wanting the heat and sun! (Below) Is the picture from the top of the damn, looking ou...t it really was a perfect day out!!!

Here we came to a huge tree that must of gone down in one of the many different storms we had this year, But he has no fear of jumping 10x his height!!  (Below) You can see another one of the trees with a really interesting split in it! Tater had no problem poking his nose in places it shouldn't be...except for the other night at Shade Swamp where I showed the pictures of the old animal cages...he hauled ass out of there!! (and me too)

This trail was really nice for having a relaxed walk and looking at your surroundings. They have done a good job maintaining the trails. I would of liked to have seen some wildlife. The cages in the back looked as though they were in disrepair, but in there defence I thought I did here something about them renovating. Next time I would like to go and check out the inside part and learn some more about this great place .I realized later on that this trail had a sign that said " no dogs" But online it says that leashed dogs are welcome. I brought mine because... I don't go anywhere without my friend!!!
If anyone has more info on the place or any other places please feel free to comment and let me know

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